Aunt KeKe Goes to Houston

I went to my niece’s birthday over the weekend. She’s seven and adorable. Here’s the proof (that’s her in the middle):

The Niece & Friends

Never have I wanted to be a rock star. I can’t sing, so it’s not a feasible fantasy for me. But when we arrived at the party, I finally understood the appeal of rock stardom. The Niece ran to meet me with a ginormous hug and then proceeded to introduce me to everyone at the party. That kind of attention gets a girl’s ego going.

Along with cake and presents (The Husband and I brought books to feed her growing mind), we all enjoyed an afternoon at the Bounce House. That night The Niece and I crashed in our themed PJs.

Aunt & Niece in PJs

I also got very attached to the family’s new chihuahua puppy, Little Miss. In all it was a great weekend.

Happy birthday to The Niece.

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