What Is so Difficult About Getting a Warrant?

Before I start this post, I feel it’s necessary to state that I do NOT love terrorists. I do NOT want the terrorists to win. I do NOT hate freedom. I do NOT lick Satan’s feet.

That said, I am frustrated over the government accessing information about U.S. citizens without getting warrants, especially citizens who are not under any sort of suspicion.

First there was the warrantless wiretapping scandal, and now FBI director Mueller is trying to convince the Senate that the FBI should keep all the lovely powers they received from the Patriot Act — this on the heels of the “national security letter” to-do. Read the details yourself in this article from the Associated Press.

The notion that we should change the nature of our government in response to terrorism turns my stomach. Where is the freedom in a society where innocent citizens can be investigated without oversight? Why on earth would anyone think this sort of power would not be abused? And what could we possibly gain that is worth switching our system from one of presumed innocence to presumed guilt?

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