I worked on one of my many projects last night with my new toy (a 4-thread serger). It ended badly with my project tattered, the machine limping, and me in need of gratuitous comfort.

The remains of my project, scarred forever:

Chewed & Tattered Bag

I swear the serger brought this on itself — that right needle was so asking for it:

Broken Needle

Here lie the guts of my project, torn from the gnashing teeth of the serger:

Project Entrails

2 Responses to “Meltdown”

  1. Sarah says:

    Where’s the shot of the fried comfort? Don’t hold out on us. We need resolution.

  2. Inkey says:

    But I can’t because I ate it without taking photos. There were french fries and fried meat on a bun. Does that help?

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