Knock, Knock

Who’s there?

Large man wearing a tie.

Large-man-wearing-a-tie who?

Large man wearing a tie will sit back on his heels while I am rendered helpless by the adorable boy-child giving me the Jehovah’s Witness spiel.

Who could possibly resist an articulate eight-year old (seriously he was ten-years old tops) dressed in his Sunday best? No one. And that’s why the large man wearing a tie looked unforgivably smug.

I begrudge no one their faith unless they try to push it on me. I am an avowed opponent of proselytization. How can these people who don’t even know my name be so sure I’m in need of saving? If they are so worried about my eternal status, they are welcome to pray for me, but please, please do not involve me.

And I would normally share this point of view with a Christian recruiter, but not a cherubic eight-year old. A child doesn’t need to see how cynical a human can become. A child wouldn’t understand my misgivings about religion.

A well-spoken child deserves my attention because moments like this can shape his belief in his own abilities. A faithful child needs me to listen to him because later in life he’ll need that bedrock of faith to get through the hard times in life.

But grown-ups who send out a child to indoctrinate heathens should know better. They should understand that manipulating someone into hearing the Lord’s word is wrong on a basic level. People have to want that help before they can benefit from it.
So I listened to the wee child. I even took the literature he proffered (my very own copy of the Watchtower!). But it won’t accomplish what they wanted. I’m certainly no closer to God than I was before the visit. I’m just angry and sitting here writing this post on how manipulated I feel and how much I hate how they are manipulating that boy.

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  1. The Husband says:

    Yeah! New blogtent (trademark pending) from The Wife. Praise be to God!

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