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Sock Update

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

I know. I’m the worst. You have all, I’m sure, been dying to know how the socks are progressing, and I’ve just ignored your pleas for updates. Someone should take this blog away from me.

Does it absolve me in any way that I’ve been working (just freelance, don’t get excited)? I didn’t think so.

Since I clearly have days and days of photos built up, I’m going to draw things out over several posts. Lucky you.

We last saw the socks at day six. Let’s see what happened next…

Despite being almost a week into the project, I was barely past the toes. I was working on the foot of the sock, and it turns out that I had to knit for three inches (instead of two as I thought way back in the last post) from the yellow yarn tied to the first sock. You won’t see a piece of yarn on the second sock because I counted the rows from the yellow yarn on sock one so I would know how many rows to knit on the other sock.

I learned that I needed to stop using the flash when taking sock photos. The flash was washing out the detail of the pattern. What I didn’t figure out for a while (until my smart husband told me) was that I needed more light to take pictures without a flash (that three-figure IQ is really doing me right). Sorry for the blurry.

On Day Seven you can really see the pattern–if you ignore the aforementioned blur–that wasn’t terribly clear (no pun intended) on earlier photos.

Socks — Day 7

The next day I was still under the impression I only needed to knit for two inches after the yellow yarn. I thought I was done with the foot of sock 1 and went on to sock 2. Can you see the pattern through the blur?

Socks — Day 8

On Day 9 I pretty much got sock 2 caught up to sock 1.

Socks — Day 9

Not a lot got done on Day 10.

Socks — Day 10

At long last, on Day 11, I finally started on the gusset. A gusset is, “a device, often triangular, used to reinforce a connection between two components” (from Wikipedia). On a sock, it’s the triangular area that connects the sole of the sock to the top of the sock on the way to the heel. You’ll be able to see more as it grows.

Socks — Day 11

On the next installment of sock madness:  Growing Gussets!