Wii Had Fun, or HoMD #3

Blog 365 lives on here at The Bog.

My BFF assured me that writing a post in your head counts as a daily post. I’m simply transcribing from this point forward.

Today was all about the Wii. To maximize Wii fun, we needed an additional Wii-mote. Unfortunately, not a single Wii-mote could be had for love or money in our little city. I know because I called six or eight GameStops, every Target, and a Circuit City without finding a single one. Until my brilliant husband suggested calling Fry’s.

Flush with the triumph of finding an extra Wii-mote, we came home and fired up the Wii. And the silliness commenced with the creation of two Miis (Wii avatars)–one for each of our cats.


WiiCats in Wii Land

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