Like a Kid in a Candy Store, or HoMD #9

The Husband’s big Christmas present arrived today. He’s had to make do with a color printout since we exchanged gifts. I wanted to evaluate actual models of his gift to make sure I got something sturdy with all the features he wanted, and these particular items aren’t so common any more.

He got a turntable.

One of those machines that plays vinyl records. Think back, you’ll remember.

Even odder, he asked for one that plays 78s along with the 33s and 45s I had (and still have) as a kid.

After searching for a good while I found DJ turntables at a Guitar Center that fit the bill. Unfortunately the model I wanted (with USB output for downloading to a computer) was an incomplete floor demo. I then visited my local (!) vinyl shop (R-Type Records) to order one.

HusbandPie couldn’t be happier. I watched him set it up, regularly referring to the instructions and internet to make sure he balanced the stylus properly, and generally enjoying both the thrill of a new gadget and the nostalgia of his teen years.

As a nod to me, he offered me first pick of what to hear. I chose the 12″ single remix of “Mountains” by Prince and the Revolution.

Absolutely sublime.

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