Lackluster, or HoMD #10

I find myself on the horns of a dilemma regarding today’s highlight — was it the new episode of Ugly Betty or that I successfully reached double digits in the 365 Challenge? Both are so lame I’ll leave it up to you readers to decide.

Today I wrestled with what I refer to as The Void. Nothing seemed worth the effort of being awake. I know everyone has days such as this. For me they usually auger the beginning of days and days like this one. I cannot, for love or money, discern any reason for my continued existence.

Don’t misunderstand. I’m not contemplating suicide. I just wonder why I’m here and realize how insignificant my life is. I’m cog without a machine. More though, I’m a cog with no interest in finding a machine. Wait. That’s not exactly right. I think it’s more that I don’t see or know any machines I want to join.

But I have to stop there for two reasons. One, this is making me cry. Two, this is supposed to be a post about what was good about my day. Maybe I’ll pick it up tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Lackluster, or HoMD #10”

  1. Holmes says:

    I think I know how you feel, maybe, sorta, kinda. I just got back my last paper from last semester’s theology class, which my professor totally loved, though now I’m looking at it and I’m not sure I believe a word of what I said in it. I’m not sure I believe in much of anything. Sorry for the lack of uplifting-ness in this comment. Hope you feel better tomorrow, er, today.

  2. Mrs Anderson says:

    hmmmm…. methinks you need a dose of the Amelia-demon to center you again. Who, by the way announced this morning that she wants a tattoo…. of Cinderella.

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