Obamamania, or HoMD #36

Love that Barack Obama won big on Super Tuesday!

I have my issues with Obama. In particular I hate that he supported Joe Lieberman in Connecticut’s 2006 senate primary race. I’m also disappointed that he supports a border fence. That border fence is a boondoggle–it will leave gaping holes around the properties of rich and/or connected constituents (link connects to an article from the venerable Texas Observer on the subject).

Despite these (and other) concerns I support Obama, and I love seeing him win these primaries.

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  1. Amen to all your points. I’m most impressed with how Senator Obama says that he won’t fear to talk to anyone overseas. Imagine that! Someone who is actually willing to look at the last four decades of not talking to Cuba, Iran, etc and conclude – “Hmm, that didn’t work. We need to try something else!”

    Everyone else sounds like the guy in the Simpsons episode who said “The politics of failure have failed! We must make them work again!”

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