Brit Snit, or HoMD #42

Snit may be a bit strong, but I liked the rhyme. Sue me.

The Husband requested I make Chipotle-Cheddar Scones for a meeting at work on Friday. I agreed, happy to be of use and justify my existence a bit.

At work today, The Husband mentioned via e-mail to a friend he would bring said scones to the meeting. This friend was born in Britain and lived there for a good portion of his life. Scones have a specific definition for him. His reply says it all:

You bloody Yanks, you’re never satisfied, are you? What next, a deep fried, Frito-encrusted scone? Or perhaps some Asian-fusion, lemon grass and wasabi scone. Why don’t we just scrap the whole scone thing and bring 32 White Castle Burgers instead! Better yet why don’t we just suck on a block of lard.

I’m pretty sure we could scale the heigth and breadth of Britain and not find a chipotle-cheddar scone, and for good reason. They sound very tasty (and are, of course, welcome), but perhaps should be classified as something other than a scone…. After all, one hardly spreads clotted cream or strawberry jam on a chipotle-cheddar scone – certainly not in polite company.

Who doesn’t appreciate a good rant?

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