New Human, or HoMD #50

I spend a lot of time at our vet’s office (we have an elderly cat — ’nuff said). I love our vet and his staff — they’re a fun group and show genuine concern for our pets.

One of the girls who works at the front desk had a baby yesterday. Today I got to see a picture of the little guy on her co-worker’s mobile phone. He’s adorable (bet you didn’t see that coming). Mom’s doing well.

A healthy baby born to a loving mom and family makes for some happy thoughts.

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  1. The Husband says:

    More posts please!

    How am I supposed to know what’s going on in your life if you don’t post?

    – Your loving husband

  2. The Husbasnd says:

    Thus it begins.

    A blog within a blog!

    I’ve decided to start a mini-blog in your response section until either:

    1) you acknowledge my mini-blog, or

    2) you post a new entry in your very own blog

    More to come.

    – Your loving husband

  3. The Husband says:

    No response from The Wife. So, let the blog begin!

    It’s been a time of technological failures around here. My iPod died last week after four faithful years of filling my ears with the good stuff. And today I come home to find that our PS3 has decided to stop talking. To its controller. To the webernet. Not a word.

    In my finite wisdom, decide to check the aforementioned net and see what I can see. I decide that the issue is that our PS3 has been living in the past. Yes, it was not up to date. Out of vogue, perhaps.

    Proving that while my wisdom may be finite it is by no means small, I download the software update onto The Wife’s laptop and transfer it to the PS3 by flash drive.

    After pointing the PS3 to the update package on the flash drive, it installs it, restarts and then updates itself. Or so you might think.

    It hiccups at the last moment and has to restart itself to try again. And, again. And, then again for good measure. After that it tells me (the cat’s not listening at this point) that it’s done all it can do and I need to contact the service desk. The Husband says, “No.”

    After some thought I decide that what this machine really needs is a good rest. I flip the switch on the back an wait. And pray. I turn it on again and leave the room just in case it all goes horribly wrong. When I return, Mr. PS3 is showing me his best main menu as if to say, “What? You didn’t LIKE my parachute pants?” The Husband replies, “No.”

    With that safely resolved I was able to sit back and reflect on the fact that I’m getting a new iPod.

  4. The Husband says:

    I just realized that I never posted yesterday. I have a good reason, though.

    The wife and I were at a local pub counseling a friend who’s got the relationship woes. This session lasted for about 3 and a half hours. I’m not sure we solved the problem. In fact, I’m sure we didn’t. But that wasn’t the goal. The goal (at his request) was to listen and give our honest opinions.

    So, with that event and the need for me to be at work for a 7:30 (AM!) meeting today, I didn’t take the time to post last night.

    And just to let you know, my posting will be sporadic for the next week. The Wife and I headed to Denver for a few days to visit a friend and catch Eddie Izzard live. My only access to the webitude will be moments stolen on any available computer.

    I’ll do what I can.

    PS – I’ll be stringing past posts because I’ve run into an issue where only two responses are shown. I don’t know what that’s about. This is my fix.

  5. The Husband says:

    About Response #3, I wasn’t trying to be cryptic.

    The original Response #2 was my declaration of intent to post responses to this latest entry as a blog within a blog. However, I’ve got an issue when posting where some responses are overwriting previous ones. Everything seems to be working for now.

    So, back to the manifesto! I declare that I will continue to post responses to this blog entry until The Wife either notices my activity or until she posts a new entry of her own.

    Vive le blogolution!

  6. The Husband says:

    Posting on the sly in Denver.

    We had dinner at Steuben’s last night. The food was great! I had a green chile cheeseburger and was quite happy.

    Big difference from Texas? It cooled off enough in the evening that we were able to sit outside while dining. Nice!

  7. The Husband says:

    Posting on the sly in Denver.

    I want to clarify a point I made in my manifesto earlier in Response #4. Everything is the same except that The Wife’s new post (should she write one) must show at the top of her blog. None of this back dating thing I know she does sometimes.

    Vive le blogolution!

  8. The Husband says:

    You, wife, are a time optimist – a sleepy, “five more minutes, please” time optimist.

    I love you.

  9. The Husband says:

    We’re back home from Denver. I’m going to miss the cool nights. A lot. So much, that I suspect when it starts cooling off around here (sometime in November) that I will immediately think back to our time in Denver.

    Happily, that means I will also remember seeing Eddie Izzard in Denver. That’s cool, too.

  10. The Husband says:

    I just came over from reading a post at The Holmes’ blog. Specifically, it’s the one dated 31 July 2008. The Holmes does a nice job with all of his posts and this one was right up there – a nice look back at an adult neighbor from his childhood that helped raise him.

    That’s all I’ve got.

    Sometimes that’s all you get when The Husband is posting on the sly.

  11. The Husband says:

    And, so it ends.

    No, not the blog within a blog. The second summer session of the wife’s new venture. Did I not mention? The wife has gone back to college with the goal of a Master’s in Art History. Right now she is getting some undergraduate credits out of the way. She started this summer and should be enrolled in the graduate program by Fall ’09.

    She’s got two weeks (after tomorrow) before the next semester starts and she’ll be using some of that time to visit some friends in KC. I’d like to go but The Company is keeping me busy at the moment and I just had a week off. Remember Denver?

    So, she’ll be in KC and I’ll stay here and keep myself busy with workwork and housework.

  12. The Husband says:

    Me, too.
    I just got back from taking you to the airport for you flight to KC. You called me once you got on the plane. Although I didn’t tell while we were talking, I had just been thinking of how strange it will be here for the next five days. We’ve been together so long now that it is, it is, it IS strange when we are apart for any length of time.
    I’m not saying that neither of us should ever travel again without the other. I’m just saying that you are a part of me.
    I miss you.

  13. The Husband says:

    It’s been a while since my last post. I managed to keep myself busy enough while The Wife was gone. I had lots of uninterrupted time to pay bills, move pictures from this wall to that wall, etc, etc. But, I was very glad at the return of The Wife just about a week ago.

    The Job is getting ugly again. Many hours between here and mid-October. Posting is likely to be sporadic. But I will post.



  14. The Husband says:


    Seriously? $2.50?

    You’re going to charge me two dollars and fifty cents to bring me a pizza? Is that what you are going to do, Mr. Pizza Hut?

    Goodbye, Mr. Pizza Hut.

  15. The Husband says:

    So, I haven’t posted in a while. Things have been busy at work (surprise!) and I’ve barely seen my home computer (sorry, Clem).

    I thought I should write more. Apparently this is enough.

  16. The Husband says:

    Big decision to be made.
    Not much time.
    And it’s all mine.

  17. The Husband says:

    Props go out to The Wife. I opened a Facebook account.
    The only troubling thing is this could lead to my own “real” blog.

  18. The Husband says:

    Oh, how naive I am.

    I was worried about a Facebook account leading to a real blog of my own. Little did I know that within just a few days of opening the account, I would be contacted by one of my best friend’s exes.

    She would “love to know what is going on” with me and everyone here. This, after a nasty breakup and letter sent years after that was read by my mate’s new wife. Not a “let’s get back together” letter. No. A “we were together during one of the worst times of my life” letter. A “it took me years to get better” letter.

    I’m not responding. I’m actively ignoring. You can do that on Facebook, you know.

  19. The Husband says:

    I failed to mention that The Wife will most likely NOT be posting on this blog again. Because of all her Facebook activity, I casually (you’d be so proud) asked if she was posting to her blog again.

    She said that she doesn’t like her blog anymore. It seems to be a cosmetic thing more than anything else. She wants a different look. She wants to get some proper blogging software and do it right.

    I expect she will she these posts of mine (“Hi, Hon!”) whenever she decides to archive and move all her content to the new blog.

    Until then, I will blog on the sly.

  20. The Husband says:

    The Wife and I went to Austin this last weekend. Two things took us there – The Austin Holmes’ (godson included) and one of The Wife’s college friends who was in town for ACL Fest.

    Sadly, The Wife and I couldn’t attend ACL Fest due to a lack of funds and a lack of time on my part. A lot of the acts we wanted to see were slated for Sunday night. This would make for a bad day back at The Fort on Monday.

    Happily, The Wife and I went to Waterloo Records Saturday afternoon and saw Robert Plant as he came in to shop for music.

    Robert Plant.

    Five feet away.

    I didn’t think I’d be impressed.

    I was wrong.

  21. The Husband says:

    Me sorry.
    Me accidentally delete all shows on DVR.
    Me dumbass.

  22. The Husband says:

    It’s happened. I’ve officially given up trying to post on the sly any more. Facebook seems to have taken over any free computer time that I had. Thanks go to The Wife for that. 😉
    Now I just need to print out each entry and paste them into my journal.

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