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Quiet Time, or HoMD #13

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

When your day consists of sitting in front of the computer and layering on blankets, the best things come from little moments.

Such was my day, so I decree having both cats sitting on my legs for long winter naps as the best part of my day.

Wii Had Fun, or HoMD #3

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

Blog 365 lives on here at The Bog.

My BFF assured me that writing a post in your head counts as a daily post. I’m simply transcribing from this point forward.

Today was all about the Wii. To maximize Wii fun, we needed an additional Wii-mote. Unfortunately, not a single Wii-mote could be had for love or money in our little city. I know because I called six or eight GameStops, every Target, and a Circuit City without finding a single one. Until my brilliant husband suggested calling Fry’s.

Flush with the triumph of finding an extra Wii-mote, we came home and fired up the Wii. And the silliness commenced with the creation of two Miis (Wii avatars)–one for each of our cats.


WiiCats in Wii Land

My Resolution, or HoMD #1

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

I signed up for the 365 Challenge over at the NaBloPoMo site. I cannot yet figure out how to put the badge on my website, but I’ll get it there eventually.

I dared to commit myself to such an ambitious project because of a resolution concocted by my BFF & me. We agreed to write down each day what we enjoyed most about that day. Since I’ll be referring to this concept all year, I’ve decided to use the acronym HoMD for “Highlight of My Day.”

And today we begin.

My favorite part of today was sitting on the couch, wrapped in blankets, with both of our cats in my lap. We watched some television this afternoon with me in this exact state. I say from experience that contented cats make for excellent company.

What does CALM mean to you?

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

For most people, the letters C – A – L – M spell the word, “calm.”

For The Husband, inexplicably, the letters C – A – L – M form an acronym for “Cat Ass-Licking Mode.”

And I married him. Voluntarily.

Socks, Days 3-6

Monday, August 27th, 2007

It’s been a busy few days.

Scampers (AKA Hell on Paws) did some experimenting with water. He could not figure out for the life of him why the water kept moving away from him when he got closer to look.

Scampers in the Sink

We had a wedding to attend over the weekend followed by debilitating hangovers the next day. Strangely all our photos from the reception look a lot like this one of The Husband.

Wedding Reception Impression

Regardless of all the activity, I worked diligently on the sock project. It’s gotten much easier since I managed to get the thing started.

Day Three — You can just begin to see the start of the pattern near the needles. Look closer, it’s there, I promise.

Sock — Day 3

Day Four’s photo has a special surprise. What’s that little bit in the front sporting white needles? Why that’s sock number two! I’m knitting a sock from each end of the skein now to avoid SSS (Second Sock Syndrome). A horrid condition in which the first sock is finished and then must wait and wait for the second to arrive.

Socks — Day 4

On Day Five you see I had to impale sock two to the skein to keep it out of the way. I also got back to work on the first sock.

Socks — Day 5

And yesterday, Day Six, I had The Husband try on the sock and make some measurements. See that yellow yarn on the left hanging from the sock? Well, I need to knit two inches more from that point before the tough work of the heel and gusset begin.

Socks — Day 6

So are you riveted yet? Hanging on the edge of your seat? I thought so.