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Obamamania, or HoMD #36

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Love that Barack Obama won big on Super Tuesday!

I have my issues with Obama. In particular I hate that he supported Joe Lieberman in Connecticut’s 2006 senate primary race. I’m also disappointed that he supports a border fence. That border fence is a boondoggle–it will leave gaping holes around the properties of rich and/or connected constituents (link connects to an article from the venerable Texas Observer on the subject).

Despite these (and other) concerns I support Obama, and I love seeing him win these primaries.

My Big Project, or HoMD #25

Friday, January 25th, 2008

When the New Year rolled around I looked at my life and found some things I’d like to change. Considering my life is pretty much a shanty leaned up against a pile of mouldering refuse less than ideal at the moment, improvement shouldn’t provide much of a challenge.

Anyway, I noted among a number of things that I want to entertain more often. I enjoy having people over to the house, cooking, talking, and generally interacting with other humans. I also want to do more to help my fellow humans. So I devised a way to accomplish both at once.

This year I will throw at least one dinner party a month and ask anyone who attends to provide a cash donation of how much they would have spent on dinner that night. At the end of the year all of the money will be donated to Heifer International in the names of all the guests.

Tonight was the first dinner party. Only two people were able to come, but we had a delicious meal and then played some Wii. The menu included Cheddar Corn Chowder soup with salad and bread. Thanks to The Husband and D. for pitching in with the cooking. Wii-wise we made some miis and played some Mario Party 8. Good times!

Our friends brought their daughter over for the first part of the evening. Though she played shy with us, we still enjoyed seeing her and her fantastic pink(!) hair.

Miss Elf in Pink

A visit from the elfin folk is always welcome at this house.

Overall I deem the evening a success and a great start to a bigger endeavor.

Hope, or HoMD #4

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Barack Obama’s win of the Iowa caucus yesterday made me happy because it seems to give hope to many of our nation’s disenfranchised citizens. I saw a number of “man in the street” interviews today that lead me to believe that any wins by Obama may spur tremendous change in our country. And change of the kind I like.

Required Ink #1

Saturday, April 14th, 2007

From the damp and musty headquarters of InkeyBog comes

Required Ink

A new service for our loyal readers (big shouts out to both of you!), Required Ink will highlight readings in the “internets” that are, wait for it, required reading. Think of these links as posts you would have found here, but better written and therefore a treat.

Today’s entry is a spirited rant by Bill Maher on anti-intellectualism and the damage it’s doing to our fair nation. Enjoy!

What Is so Difficult About Getting a Warrant?

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Before I start this post, I feel it’s necessary to state that I do NOT love terrorists. I do NOT want the terrorists to win. I do NOT hate freedom. I do NOT lick Satan’s feet.

That said, I am frustrated over the government accessing information about U.S. citizens without getting warrants, especially citizens who are not under any sort of suspicion.

First there was the warrantless wiretapping scandal, and now FBI director Mueller is trying to convince the Senate that the FBI should keep all the lovely powers they received from the Patriot Act — this on the heels of the “national security letter” to-do. Read the details yourself in this article from the Associated Press.

The notion that we should change the nature of our government in response to terrorism turns my stomach. Where is the freedom in a society where innocent citizens can be investigated without oversight? Why on earth would anyone think this sort of power would not be abused? And what could we possibly gain that is worth switching our system from one of presumed innocence to presumed guilt?

Citizen Inkey

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

A few nights ago a young activist from the Texas Campaign for the Environment knocked on our door asking for support in their efforts to eliminate electronic waste from landfills. He explained how electronic gadgets contain mercury, lead, and other nasty, toxic chemicals that leach into the ground water when left in landfills. His organization is working at the county level to pass resolutions encouraging electronics producers to practice “takeback recycling.” He asked for money (of course, and we gave) and for letters from us to a county judge and four county commissioners.

Here is the letter I wrote to my county officials:

B. Glen Whitley, Tarrant County Judge
Roy C. Brooks, Tarrant County Commissioner, Precinct 1
Martin VanRavenswaay, Tarrant County Commissioner, Precinct 2
Gary Fickes, Tarrant County Commissioner, Precinct 3
J.D. Johnson, Tarrant County Commissioner, Precinct 4

Dear County Official:

I am not in the habit of writing to county commissioners, but I care about the water I drink and the world around me, so here I am.

Please support a countywide resolution calling for state and national producer takeback recycling of toxic electronic waste. Everybody has electronic gadgets these days, and something needs to be done to keep “dead” gadgets out of our landfills. Large producers of electronic waste can’t dump in our landfills – why should we be able to? Electronic devices contain chemicals like lead and mercury that have no place in our landfills, where they leak in to the water supply, or in incinerators, where they become airborne pollutants. The companies that make these devices can reclaim materials from “dead” gadgets for use in new goods, keeping us safe from toxic chemicals in our water and soil and air.

Currently Texans spend millions of dollars cleaning up toxins from electronic waste. Our tax dollars should be spent on local needs, not helping electronics producers avoid developing easily recyclable products. Asian and European countries and Maine and Washington here in the U.S. already require producers to deal with their waste to great effect. Let’s join them in leading the way on this issue.

I am anxious to hear your thoughts on takeback recycling and whether or not you will support a countywide resolution supporting it. Please respond to me in writing at 0000 Some Street, Fort Worth, TX 00000.

Kindest regards,

Inkey & The Husband

And so my political deed for the day was done. Let’s hope the county officials do their part, too.