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No Moules on Monday

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

(This post is best experienced while listening to Duran Duran’s “New Moon on Monday” because that song is the real reason for the post. Seriously, without the song being stuck in my head and the resulting blog title we wouldn’t be here.)

Moules, for the uninitiated, is the French word for mussels. I always think of them as moules because my love affair with them began in France — it would be like falling in love with Pierre in Paris and referring to him as Peter here in the States.

I flirted with mussels before The Husband and I visited France a few years ago. When a bivalve wading in wine and garlic beckons, I tend to respond. But I never craved mussels. It was a passing attachment at best.

The Husband and I traveled to Brittany when we were in France. I thought it looked like a fairy-tale land from pictures I’d seen, plus it seems to be where crepes originate.

It turns out that Brittany is filthy with restaurants serving moules and frites. They even go so far as to have mouleries — restaurants that serve nothing but moules in sauce after delectable sauce. I never made it past the moules.

I ate nothing but moules the entire time we were in Brittany. I ate them cooked in white wine with garlic and herbs and then the same way with creme fraiche. Delicious. I devoured them drowned in wine and bleu cheese. I sampled The Husband’s moules in curry. I sopped bread and frites in sauces I can’t even remember and enjoyed every last morsel. My knees go weak just thinking of them.

I missed the moules when we returned to the States, but never mustered the courage to make them myself. I resigned myself to life without moules (great loves always involve great drama) until we return to France.

I threw myself back into the arms of Texas barbeque and Tex-Mex deliciousness and buried my sorrows. Over time the moules became a distant but fond memory.

But great romances don’t die — they slumber quietly until circumstances revive the sparks and passion flares again.

On a recent trip to Fuzzy’s Taco Shop for dinner I noticed a plaque with an article titled, “Eat These and Die Happy.” And, there, nestled almost in the middle was an entry for “mussels and frites” at a local bistro I didn’t know. I barely tasted my shredded garlic beef salad at Fuzzy’s (shame too, because it’s quite yummy) for thinking about tasty moules drenched in wine and herbs with a side of frites.

At the first opportunity (Monday) I looked up the bistro, drooled on my keyboard reading about their versions of moules, got directions, and waited for my chance to convince The Husband. And my chance came immediately (success favors the prepared, or something like that) when The Husband needed to eat an early dinner and head back to the office. I unfolded my plan with rationale (the food I was thawing couldn’t be ready in his time frame) and got the agreement. We’d go out for moules that very night.

So why am I writing a post titled, “No Moules for Monday”? Because the stupid bistro is closed on Mondays.

“Worth” a Visit

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Har har. I am so funny.

Anyway, I’m It! I got tagged with a meme for the very first time. I feel like such a member of the blogging community.

A certain smab_mouth wants to know what lovely treats the fair city of Fort Worth has to offer visitors. Let’s see if I’m up to the challenge of finding ten diamonds (in no particular order) in this rough.

1. Downtown Fort Worth. Also known as Sundance Square (named for the Sundance Kid who frequented the area then known as Hell’s Half Acre), our downtown is actually a groovy place to hang out. There are restaurants, cultural venues, movie theaters, clubs, live music, pubs, shops… you know all that stuff downtowns should have to get people to spend time there.

2. Esperanza’s Bakery. Tasty Mexican breakfast on the cheap. The only place in Fort Worth that does it right. Let’s go after 11:00 am so we can get chips and salsa.

3. Museums. You’ll have to visit the Kimbell Museum and the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. We can even fit in the Amon Carter and the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame. We also have the Fort Worth Natural History & Science Museum with kick-ass IMAX theater and planetarium. Our museums are world-class, so get ready to get arty.

4. Central Market. Not exactly unique to Fort Worth, but people who have lived Austin will understand my enthusiasm for this Texas institution. I took the day off from work when this store opened, scout’s honor. If you haven’t experienced CM, you need to see what a grocery store can be. If you have experienced it, then you get it (and if you don’t, please see a mental health professional immediately).

5. The Fort Worth Zoo. This is a must if you bring munchkins along with you. It’s a great way to spend the day, even if we don’t have pandas.

6. A Tim Love Restaurant. Tim Love is our resident celebrity chef. He kicked Morimoto’s ass on Iron Chef. We have three of his eateries in town in three price ranges. I’ll even let you choose.

7. Joe T. Garcia’s. The Mexican food is okay (and a little gimmicky with only two dishes–enchiladas or fajitas), but it’s the setting that makes this a must-visit. The restaurant is a converted villa, complete with outdoor seating by the pool. And the margaritas rock.

8. The Stockyards. You just can’t get more old-school Fort Worth than a trip to the Stockyards. It isn’t the bustling cattle nexus of yore, but they still run steers through the streets once a day and have rodeos every weekend. It’s the best place in town for feeling like a cowboy.

9. The Water Gardens. Our own little piece of dystopia, the water gardens were featured in Logan’s Run. They remind me of the later Planet of the Apes movies, but in a good way. One of my favorite places in town.

10. Lockheed Martin Production Facility. Super cool if you can manage a tour. No photos, please.

This concludes our tour of Fort Worth. Please exit the bus. And feel free to tip your tour guide.

Rain of Frogs Forecast for Tuesday

Saturday, April 7th, 2007

Sometimes It Snows in April

Look closely.


Yes, those are snow flurries.

In Fort Worth.

In April.