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I’m an Idiot, or HoMD #2

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

So as I wrote yesterday’s post, I thought and thought about what I liked about my day. And I settled on the lame answer of serving as cat furniture, completely missing what I thought about all day yesterday — the birth of my cousin’s son. This little fellow is the younger sibling of one of my Godsons. I couldn’t be more excited about his arrival because he has fantastic parents, an exemplary brother, and a happy home full of love.

As for today, the best part centered around celebrating a belated Christmas with The Husband. We’ve traditionally opened our gifts for one another after all the holiday travels. This year, we pushed it back a bit further to allow for the arrival of a few goodies. So tonight became our Christmas.

I most loved finally finding The Husband’s gift after much fruitless seeking, the short scavenger hunt he sent me on for one of my gifts, and opening the much coveted Wii he got for me. I am far too well loved.

A (very) close second to the Christmas festivities was talking with my cousin for the first time since the baby’s arrival and hearing the little guy gurgle and coo over the phone. Those sounds brought a rush of love to my heart. I can’t wait to meet him.