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Indulging My Fussy Side, or HoMD #41

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Today I downloaded album art for my iTunes. Then I started slogging through my albums to find missing art and then searching for it on the web.

I haven’t the first clue why I felt compelled to fill in the blank spots. I chalk it up to being anal retentive. Ultimately getting rid of the blank spots in my iTunes doesn’t accomplish anything, but I nonetheless feel a sense of accomplishment.

Sifting through iTunes provided the pleasant by-product of rediscovering neglected music. I forgot how joy-inducing I find Los Amigos Invisibles.

Foo Fighters, or HoMD #23

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

My voice is hoarse. My ears are ringing. I feel like I could do anything right now.

All because the Foo Fighters put on a damn good show.

The Foos played for over two hours, and we had good seats — the Foos were about the height of my hand. The Husband declared them the extended-song-ending musicians par excellence. I yelled and screamed and sang and wore my combat boots. Definitely a fun evening.

Through the miracle of time travel (or me cheating on when this was posted), photos from the show are available on the Foo Fighters’ blog.

Anticipation, or HoMD #22

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Big concert tomorrow! The Foo Fighters are in town, and we’re going.

I’m listening to nothing but the Foos lately and memorizing the lyrics to the latest album. I want to be ready for a big night of singing, screaming, and yelling.

Looking forward to tomorrow night won’t compare with the actual event, but it’s a good time nonetheless.

Like a Kid in a Candy Store, or HoMD #9

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

The Husband’s big Christmas present arrived today. He’s had to make do with a color printout since we exchanged gifts. I wanted to evaluate actual models of his gift to make sure I got something sturdy with all the features he wanted, and these particular items aren’t so common any more.

He got a turntable.

One of those machines that plays vinyl records. Think back, you’ll remember.

Even odder, he asked for one that plays 78s along with the 33s and 45s I had (and still have) as a kid.

After searching for a good while I found DJ turntables at a Guitar Center that fit the bill. Unfortunately the model I wanted (with USB output for downloading to a computer) was an incomplete floor demo. I then visited my local (!) vinyl shop (R-Type Records) to order one.

HusbandPie couldn’t be happier. I watched him set it up, regularly referring to the instructions and internet to make sure he balanced the stylus properly, and generally enjoying both the thrill of a new gadget and the nostalgia of his teen years.

As a nod to me, he offered me first pick of what to hear. I chose the 12″ single remix of “Mountains” by Prince and the Revolution.

Absolutely sublime.