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Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

My BFF called me out on my rules for Christmas stockings.

In short, I don’t  have any. The Husband and I agreed years ago to put no limits on stocking filling. Hence we’re allowed to throw in the odd DVD or video game without the cost counting against our set spending limits. Of course the items have to fit in the stocking, but our stockings are fairly large, so no problem.

Now don’t misconstrue the non-rules. Not everything we stuff in the stockings breaks the bank. We simply enjoy a little leeway for a few pricey inclusions. Most stocking goodies are decidedly inexpensive — candy, little toys, key rings, etc —  but occasionally we will purchase too many stocking stuffers, and some of them sort of lie on or near the stockings but still count as stocking stuffers.

So, yes, we play fast and loose with the definition of stocking stuffers. I unabashedly admit I give stocking nearers.

But Miss smab_mouth should remember her stocking included stocking nearers this year, as did her husbands. Granted, these gifts were from The Husband and me, but she benefited from our laissez-faire policy.

Despite her screed against my not-so-ruley rules, this Christmas I adhered to traditional rules of stuffing except for one book, which I managed to shove into place at the top with at least one corner in the stocking. No stocking nearers for The Husband. Granted he received a lovely Blu-ray copy of Planet Earth, but it was in the stocking.

Happy, smab_mouth?

Now that I’ve addressed the BFF’s issues, I have one to address with her. My complaint concerns one of the labels she put on her post about my anarchic stockings.

The label in question is, “I’m not saying I’m just saying.”

She stole it.

She stole it from me.

After I stole it fair and square (sort of) from the public domain.

You see I listen to a political program called The Young Turks. [Check them out if you haven’t heard them. I think they’re brilliant. I love them so much that I’m a paying member of their site so I can hear every podcast.] The host of the show, Cenk, has a phrase I consciously picked up that I simply love and use all the time. The phrase is, “I’m not saying anything, I’m just saying.” It amuses me to no end, hence the fact that I’ve been using it for over two years.

So, smab_mouth, what do you have to say for yourself? Is your name smab_mouth, and do you steal?

[If you can’t tell, I’m angry that I didn’t create the category first. It’s called envy.]